Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines


In the context of industrial production lines, Feeders or Sorters are the auxiliary equipment replacing the manual intervention of the operator in loading the main machine with the products or components to be processed.

“Main machines” refers to those machines carrying out the main or most important processes (Central Core), such as assembling components which will make up the final product, filling the container with the final product that the customer will consume, among others.

The importance of automating the production with Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders relies on the high productivity which is likely to be achieved. For example, cap seaming machines with continuous motion produce up to 300 pieces per minute reducing the costs by economies of scale. To achieve these productions, it is necessary to feed the main machine with high deliverability automatic machines.

Feeders supply the main machine with the products, by means of arranging the pieces in row and a unique position. The pieces or products to be processed are loaded in bulk into a central container (bowl) and they automatically circulate along a spiral belt thanks to the electromagnetic vibration and the power of compressed air from the bottom of the container to the output belt, in order to enter the main machine.