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Quality Control with Mitutoyo® measuring machine (MMC):
The machining and assembly of pieces of the machines manufactured by Tecna Machines is strictly done following design and engineering specifications. Quality control of the pieces is carried out after each manufacturing process, verifying the dimensional and geometric tolerances.
Then, all throughout the assembly process, we assemble sets of the pieces that form the workstations, we check the quality of the product and we look for fluctuations and other possible manufacturing defects.
We have coordinate-measuring machines in order to reach the highest standards of quality. These machines have a measurement accuracy of 3.5 microns and can perform trigonometric analysis through GEOPAK data processing, Mitutoyo’s specialized software.

Quality control with Geomagic Control®:

In the case of quality control of parts with complex surfaces, we use the powerful tools provided by 3DSystems.
To carry out the control, as a first step, a three-dimensional digitized model is obtained from the machined part or made with other manufacturing technology. Capture is done with 3DSystems CAPTURE 3D scanner.
Later, the captured image is compared with the original digital model with which the piece was constructed (CAD).
The deviations between the ideal (parametric model) and the captured "cloud of points" allow to quickly detect, through colors, productive problems and propose corrections in the manufacturing processes.
This type of control has an accuracy of 0.065 mm.

Geomatic Control