Assembler Machines


The Automatic Assembling machines make up products that are composed of several components.
In the assembling process the different pieces that shall make up the final product are attached in consecutive stages. These pieces are delivered in bulk by the “feeders” to the main machine and they come out from it completely assembled. All the process is made mechanically. The different models of the machine give them a great flexibility for adaptation to the distinct types and sizes of products, as well as the quantity of pieces to be assembled.

The machines are used in the cosmetics industry, chemistry, food, electronical, pharmatical, plastic and motor car industries, among others.

Assembling machines of index-linked movement.
The pieces that make up the final product are attached in consecutive stages on a rotative central dish of index-linked movement.

The loading stages are followed by the assembling and quality test stages.

At the end of the process the pieces that do not comply with all the requirements are automatically eliminated.

Continuous Movement Assembling Machines
For certain products and procees the continuing cycle machine is the best one to operate.

In this type of machines the assembling stages are located on a rotor and they rotate continuously and at the same time they are commanded by fixed mechanic weights.

These model permits leave out the systems of pneumatic operation and work at very high levels of production near to the 16.000 pieces per hour, delivering the product tested by high speed cameras and diverse sensors.